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I had totally cornered the market, leaving me no new source of income. As a result, I had to travel miles across the beach every day to meet new potential clients. I hadn’t considered any of these possibilities back home in Uruguay and lost a lot of money while suffering undue stress because of this oversight. Looking back, I see that all of this, to a degree, was under my control. I could have studied the local market for bikinis. I could have even accounted for the rain, studying historical weather patterns in Florianopolis and scouring forecasts for the summer. When it comes to your own business, know that no detail is too finite and that all potential obstacles should be explored. I’ve known CEOs who have traveled some very windy roads to reach the city of success. Tomas Gorny, for instance, who's CEO of Nextiva , worked as a carpet cleaner before finding success in the business world.

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